Strongwater – Black River (2010)

01. Animal Grin
02. Black River
03. Insatiable
04. Skeleton Man
05. Broken Tombstone
06. Old Hat
07. The Feather of a Firebird
08. Torso Worship
09. The Wai (An Apology)
10. Behemoth
11. Perfect Storm
12. The Leader of My Life
13. Head Exits Ass
14. Get in Line

Total: 01:00
Label: None (Unsigned)

Note on the cover image above: The Strongwater band member I follow on twitter was kind enough to get my copy of their CD signed by the band, mostly due to my insisting on paying for it, and also because I bought two copies.

Strongwater formed in 2008, and could be put in any one of several genres due to their varied influences. Oddly enough, though, the two most prominent to my ears – Stonegard and Mastodon – are not listed on their FaceBook Page.

The self-produced, self-distributed album “Black River” from this as-of-yet unsigned (WTF!?) band is fantastic. The production is awesome too, they obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. It’s an interesting and layered sound, it’s progressive (like Mastodon), and at the same time also safely rooted in the ‘classic’ heavy / thrash metal sound we know and love from bands like Metallica and Pantera.

The 60 minutes, 14 track album is perhaps a bit longer than what you’d expect from a debut. Personally, however, I like that – and the album doesn’t feel tedious or “too long” either. It’s a well balanced album; works best played straight through from start to finish.

I recommend this band and album to anyone who’s into rock and metal.
To get your copy, use the mailto-link on their official site:

Verdict: 5 / 5


Strongwater – Behemoth

By way of twitter I came into contact with one of the members of this band, and went onto Spotify to check them out – new music / bands is always fun to check out. So far, I’ve listened through the entire record a couple of times, and I’m really liking what I’m hearing!

Their debut, entitled “Black River” (2010) is sold by the band itself – as they are still unsigned (what the …. is wrong with the record industry?).

I have ordered a copy of the CD already, and will do a proper review once I get it.

Band website:


Djerv – Djerv (2011)

1. Madman 
2. The Bowling Pin 
3. Headstone 
4. Gruesome Twosome 
5. Only I Exist 
6. Ladder To The Moon 
7. Abmuse 
8. Blind The Heat 
9. Immortal

Total: 00:37
Label: Indie Recordings, 2011

A fairly new band, Djerv is the result of members from Trelldom, Stonegard and Animal Alpha coming together, and making us aware of them in early 2010. While these bands clearly influence Djerv to some extent, the new hybrid band is still something new and – for lack of a better word – fresh on the scene.

This self-titled debut album is accessible for most who dabble in the rock-and-so-on-genres: Heavy enough for the blackmetallers to get into, and catchy enough for the alternative crowd to stomach. Nor is it a concept album which requires intent listening from start to finish to “get” – and this may be where the strength truly lies: Any one of the in all nine tracks would work as a stand-alone single, and yet they follow each other nicely on the album as one coherent piece.

I, for one, really enjoy this album, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Djerv. If their follow-up album is as good as this one, we will surely see more of this bands in years to come.

Verdict: 4 / 5.